Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Movie written and directed by Ossie Davis
Produced by Samuel Goldwyn Jr.

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   Track Time  
   1 Cotton Comes to Harlem (Vocal By George Tipton) 3:07  
   2 Coffin Ed and Grave Digger  5:30  
   3 Going Home (Vocal By Sakinah)  1:38  
   4 Sunlight Shining (Vocal By Leta Galloway)  2:17  
   5 Man In Distress  2:01  
   6 Harlem Medley  3:21  
   7 Black Enough (Vocal By Melba Moore)  3:00  
   8 Stockyard  2:21  
   9 The Loving Ballad (Vocal By Denise Dillapena)  1:50  
   10 Deke  2:11  
   11 Down In My Soul (Vocal By Leta Galloway)  1:52  
   12 Harlem By Day  1:21  
   13 My Salvation (Vocal By Melba Moore)  1:56  
   14 Ed And Digger  2:11